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Approaching Silence (Emergence)

A series of images bringing to light the sense of limbo that a dark emotional state brings about, the search for a way out and an implied emergence into light & peace.

The title of the work reflects a need to move away from darkness and the buzzing noise of self-doubt, to the peace and quiescent thoughts associated with light – Making the move towards the light and peace was to approach silence. Seen as a whole this series of seven images is very much a personal piece of work and something that others may be able to relate to. As individual pieces they work purely on an aesthetic level, although they still work as intended when given context. In many ways I wanted something that would offer an anchor for an audience to empathise with and relate to.
Approaching Silence (Emergence) #1Approaching Silence (Emergence) #2Approaching Silence (Emergence) #3Approaching Silence (Emergence) #4Approaching Silence (Emergence) #5Approaching Silence (Emergence) #6Approaching Silence (Emergence) #7