Zenfolio | Warren Fournier | Light-Blind & Blemished

‘Truth via reflex, understanding through reflection.’

This statement distils the work undertaken in Light-Blind & Blemished into its most potent essence, that of a reflective and reflexive body of work suggestive of the inner most self - the process of self-edification and of understanding – it is a series of inward facing self-portraits if you will.

Visually the project alludes to the struggle to understand - there is a distinct sense of momentum and adversely, visual impediment – a visual analogy of that struggle. Within each image there is a bruised, murky noisiness suggestive of past ignorance or of the long forgotten, in turn this edges toward detail that is fine and precise - the true and absolute, which in turn brings us to areas that are entirely burnt, hidden by the abundance of light - areas indicating the boundary of one’s knowledge; of things yet to be discovered. These images are equally bright and delicate with an opaque painterly quality while also being muddily abstruse; at once uplifting and melancholic. The liminal and dream-like quality are abstract in nature and an attempt to offer a visual puzzle and a confusion of sorts - an obfuscation of the inner struggle. The images challenge what can be seen and perceived proffering an enticement to consider and reflect further. Furthermore, the images can act as catalysts for day-dreaming and navel-gazing and another means of self-examination & reflection.

Light-Blind & Blemished visually portrays a reflexive & reflective process, a means of divining and of coping; it a very personal work but hopefully not without wider relevance to the viewer. The intention of the images is to provoke investigation and self-reflection, memory and day-dream - to recollect, scan, resolve and endure.
Light-Blind and Blemished #1  (Matt, C-type, aluminium)Light-Blind and Blemished #2 (Matt, C-type, aluminium)Light-Blind and Blemished #3 (Matt, C-type, aluminium)Exhibition - Create Salford 2015Exhibition - Create Salford 2015