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Created 22-Nov-14

'Who am I?'

A question as a starting point for a narrative series, it places a context upon the images; visual ‘clues’ that lead to a possible answer.

The images, have a self-reflective quality to them something which might not have the same significance to the viewer as they do to myself; beyond any obvious visual cues. For the purpose of context and to perhaps stir something within the viewer, each work is titled as a journal entry and along with the fonal disseminated work - presented as a vernacular style photobox - features accompanying text as a means to drive the narrative and provide context.

The images are an attempt to capture ‘lost moments’ during navel-gazing or day-dreaming, where upon you ‘wake’ to find yourself staring at an object or scene in which you were lost. These objects and scenes have significance as memory-markers, keys to events both small and significant in my life and it is these keys that help unlock the question, Who Am I?
08:03a.m… “Who am I?”08:11a.m… Fuzzy-head.08:36a.m… “Don’t you dare!”09:45a.m...Do you see?1:53p.m… Looking within, looking without.04:43p.m… The need to lie.07:23… Love10:37p.m… Sunshine state01:13a.m… Puzzle.Disseminated work 1Disseminated work 2Disseminated work  3Disseminated work  4Disseminated work  4Disseminated work 5Disseminated work 6Disseminated work 7